Wednesday 3 September 2014

Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) ~ The Gardens Mall

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I believe that KGB is not new among burger enthusiasts but based on the reviews I've seen floating around, they seem to have a newly improved and enlarged menu. Deliciouslogy co-owner, Ezel has rated KGB among the best burgers on his list so we had to try when they opened an outlet at The Gardens.

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A lot of their beef burgers are now available in the chicken variety as well. Yay for chicken lovers!

Reviews can be found via BangsarBabeeatdrinkkltheyumlist and kampungboycitygal.

KGB has quite recently added another outlet (other than in Bangsar) at The Gardens Mall. It's situated beside Ninja Joe's. It's a pretty small outlet, there's only about 15 tables or so.

It so happens when we were there, their staff took out extra tables from their store room to cater to the standing crowd (points at self: Exhibit A) which was much appreciated. The tables were amusingly warm and toasty haha.

Because LC didn't have lunch that day, he decided to 'go all out'.  Indeed we did. For a set meal, they include their basic fries (Salt & Pepper, Herbed, Spicy Cajun or Malt Vinegar) and a can/bottled drink from the fridge for the burger price + RM5.90. For my ice lemon tea, there was an additional surcharge of RM3.00 - that's a pretty cut throat price.


My Ice Lemon Tea was decent - there were slices of lime and lemon so it didn't taste like it came out of a soda fountain. LC's Salted Caramel Praline milkshake was a bit strange. There was this slight artificial taste in the caramel and no hints of salt. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was strange about it till the food came.

The Salt & Pepper Fries comes with their Shack Sauce which I was not very fond of. The sauce tasted like a mixture of tomato ketchup with something else (a similar taste to myBurgerLab's orange colored sauce). The fries were basic, thick-cut and very good.

LC had a Texas Jalapeno Cheese Fries. It was loaded with sour cream, melted cheese and jalapeno pepper. Pretty sinful  however the cheese had no bite and was rather mellow.

He also had a KGB Spiked which is a crust-seared beef patty with cheddar cheese, bacon and KGB spicy sauce. The sauce had no spicy kick at all and the burger for some reason is rather plain tasting.

Yes, you can see the slight pink showing to prove that it was indeed crust seared. The patty although crust seared didn't have a crisp on the outside and was not particularly moist on the inside either.  We really wondered what went wrong there.

I had the Truffled Swiss Mushroom which was a grilled beef patty, sauteed portobello mushroom, swiss cheese, truffle infusion and herbed ranch dressing. At my first bite, I paused and stared at LC. He had to ask 'Why? What's wrong?' in which I replied 'Holy shit, this is damn good'.

Look at that glorious juicy patty. There was a burst of juicy beef with the woody truffle and mushroom flavor and the saltiness of the swiss cheese. It was amazing! I was very impressed! The combination of the mushrooms and the truffle oil was awesome. I didn't even mind the tomatoes so much.

It was a messy affair as the juices dribbled down my hands. Unfortunately, the closest washroom is next to Vitacare.

My favorite burger place is Daily Grind in Bangsar Village and KGB comes very close to that (wait till I try the beef burgers at Daily Grind). The only shortfall is the milkshakes. Despite that, we would definitely come back to try the other burgers and other Specialty Fries and perhaps other milkshakes to make up for the one we had.