Thursday 2 October 2014

Marvelous Macarons at Laduree ~ Takashimaya, Singapore

LC and I were recently in Singapore for Pentatonix (PTX)'s concert (please check out this amazing acapella group) at Marina Bay Sands and it was an awesome trip - concert,  food (hit and misses), travelling and all. Jaslyn and Gwen joined us at certain parts of the trip so there was more food to try and share!

Jaslyn pointed out to me that Laduree was in Singapore and that got my macaron gene excited so we went hunting for them the minute we touched down in Singapore.

There are 2 outlets in Takashimaya - a kiosk on the 1st floor and an actual shop on the 3rd floor.

We dropped by the pastel green themed kiosk first to get a few macarons before we went upstairs.

Jaslyn got the Marie-Antoinette Tea, Pistachio and Salted Caramel. LC and I shared a Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

I'll be showing you the kiosk and shop first before we move onto the macarons.

We were excited over everything at this point (after the long 6 hour bus ride) so we were quite trigger-happy.

Pretty macarons in pretty packaging.

Beside edible macarons, cookies and chocolate, Laduree has gift items of scented candles.

And very expensive (but pretty!) key rings.

I told you we were quite trigger happy - everything with Laduree's logo had to be photographed.

Even napkins.

On the 3rd floor, you will not miss the brightly-lit Laduree shop.

More pretty macaron key rings.

The pastel colors make every girl squirm and want to buy everything.

Enough about the sights, let's talk about the macarons.

The vanilla (with a little tiny piece of blue Marie-Antoinette Tea macaron stuck to it) was mild and unexpected. The filling for all the macarons were all almost as thick as the macaron shells itself so the macarons were moist but crisp. It was quite amazing.

The pistachio was a favorite of all. The macaron shells were very delicate, I pressed it a little too hard and caused it to crack! The taste of pistachio was strong and nutty, unlike anything I've eaten before. This is definitely the best pistachio macaron of all time.

The inside is evidently moist, the color of the shell and the insides are different. Again, the shells are so delicate but they stayed together after the first bite.

The chocolate was lovely and creamy. A little less filling here but nevertheless still a perfect macaron. The truffle-like filling was rich and very satisfying.

The last we had was the extremely strong Salted Caramel. The filling was real, sticky caramel with a hint of salt. It was so good!

Moist and soft, you can see the sticky texture of the caramel here.

After eating both Laduree and Pierre Herme's, I would have to say that Pierre Herme has better macarons because of the memorable flavors they offer. I can remember the taste of the Rose macaron and the Chocolate Passion Fruit macaron I had in Paris and somehow Pierre Herme's caramel macaron had a bigger impact on me compared to Laduree's.
I will not deny the fact that Laduree has perfect macarons and they are one of the best around.

I just like Pierre Herme's more.

Also a rarity - a photo of humans! Happy campers after a 6 hour bus ride :D