Wednesday 22 October 2014

Noir Art Specialty Coffee ~ Little India

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Updates: Noir Art has brewed its last coffee. Hopefully YJ is still brewing coffee somewhere out there. Till we meet again!

This post is brought to you by LC with little notes along the way from me :)
Hello for the first time audience! Since I'm regularly mentioned over at the blog, I'd thought I'd randomly just... you know... steal a random blog post =P

Jokes aside, this post today is about a quaint little cafe we found while in Singapore.

Titled "Noir Art", the atmosphere was very rustic, homey; almost as if your Ma & Pa would burst out any moment with your favourite Joe.

Complete with a little "Trade-In-Book" programme, the shop had coffee bags scattered around, chalk boards for menus and even a little jug or water if you found the Cold Brew a little too strong.

I doubt the owner really wrote this. He had two female assistants who mightn't been responsible for this.

All the beans for your discerning pleasure :)

Food. Glorious Food! Too bad we didn't try any. We're more about drinking coffee.

I'd imagine people who need to have perfect symmetry to have problems with these menus. Is there a special term for them? I forget.

So, unfortunately I am slow coffee drinker. Yes, yes ! Coffee changes taste and all that, enjoying coffee has to be done rather slowly for me. Mika always finishes her drink first :)

Our first try was a Caramel Latte; something we both loved.

Mika: Caramel went into the cup before the espresso shot and milk so it fused well. Nice and creamy with a nice hint of sweetness. Very pleasant and easy to drink.
^ What she said xD. A really good cuppa. I always test with a standard latte.

This has to be one of the best hot chocs I've ever had. Forget Milo & Cadbury, forget your Starbucks and Chocolate Chocolate, this was one of the chocolate drinks that "Wow!" just like Max Brenners in Auzzie.

Mika: Very rich, richest so far, like drinking liquid chocolate. Thick, creamy, with a tinge of sweetness even without sugar

That's right; cold brew. Such a rarity.

Cold brew with ice. We both felt it was a little strong. Thankfully, water and milk brought it down some and opened up into something beautiful. Our first time having cold brew honestly.

Mika: We both reckoned that it would've been good even without sugar and milk but needs to sit or breathe like wine for a bit.

Review 293

After Coffee Chemistry, I'd didn't think I'd like something with a Graffeo taste, but surprisingly I liked this filtered coffee. However, it did need a little ice to open up.

Mika: Filter coffee had very high acidity, first taste was choking, reminded me of Graffeo. With sugar, it was the same, with milk better. After breathing, was better, acidity reduced.

Maybe on a rainy day (or perhaps sick of the Singaporean quality of food), we'll come back for a cuppa and some food.

Seem's like everyone's got a book programme these days.

I like the simplicity of the design and branding.

Yes. Definitely females who drew this.

We had a good laugh at this; never leave home without coffee. Unless one purchases coffee along the way.

All this made possible by the friendly owner, YJ. We felt more at home that he happens to be a Malaysian! Interestingly, he shared with us that he was from Engineering before deciding to open up his dream cafe :)

Good luck YJ!

P/S: We asked him a simple question; What Singaporean food would you recommend? There was a long pause and much frowning but no answer; proving Singaporean street food had much catching up to do.