Saturday 22 November 2014

Killer Gourmet Burgers [Revisit] ~ The Gardens Mall

KGB was good enough for a revisit so we're back with my brother in tow!

Cajun Fries currently has the vote of the best KGB fries.

Salt & Pepper Fries come in 2nd place. However, the Malt Vinegar Fries were a little weird. The malt component was apple cider vinegar. We were not sure whether to dip or sprinkle but dipping in both the vinegar and sauce didn't result in anything spectacular - maybe it was just us.

I ordered a Sacre Bleu which was a blue cheese + Ritz crackers + grilled beef patty + bufalowing aioli. I'm not a fan of blue cheese as it's usually too strong for me but it was perfect with this burger. The Ritz gave it a crunch while the buffalowing aioli had a hint of grill and spice.

Overall, the patty was moist and succulent and the toppings were creamy and delicious. This ranks behind Truffle & Swiss Mushroom (which is ranked the best KGB burger to me).

LC has a Bash - a grilled beef, bacon jam relish, Provolone cheese, caramalized onion and maple cornflakes. This was very good as well. I could taste the sweetness in the caramalized onion (which is rare since I don't like onions) and the bacon jam + cheese gave it a rich taste. The cornflakes were quite insignificant though.

Justin had a Double Animal which were 2 pan-seared patties with 2 slices of sharp Cheddar, caramalized onion and shack sauce. Again, the pan-seared wasn't as juicy and succulent as the grilled burgers but this hunk of meat was pretty sinful with that double patty + double cheese combo.

The grilled burgers at KGB still triumphs over the pan-seared ones but the pan-seared still ranks as a very good beef burger among the 'in' burger joints. The revisit further sealed  the taste of KGB burgers in my mind and with that, cemented it's position at the top of my burger rankings.