Tuesday 24 February 2015

Award-wining Roti Canai at Sri Melur Jaya ~ SS19

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Sri Melur Jaya was discovered by chance as we used to have our Comic Fiesta meetings at our President's home in SS19. It was a quick and easy meal before we whisked ourselves over to our meeting place.

It slowly became our favorite roti canai place that we would travel all the way to Subang for our roti canai fix. Unfortunately, no place can compare to the fluffiness and crispiness of Sri Melur's roti canai.

This time around we ordered a roti canai, a roti Planta and a roti bom. The roti canai was awesome as usual, no thick layers of floor, crispy and fluffy all round. The roti Planta was quite good, buttery and cooked well. The roti bom was a slight disappointment as I expected crispy layers of a cute round roti. It looked like any other roti and wasn't as crispy and buttery.

As though all that was not enough, a roti tisu was added to the 3 rotis. We have never had their roti tisu before but because our dear Singaporean friend, Gwen has never had roti tisu, we decided to order it.

It came in all it's caramalized, buttery, gigantic cone structure glory spanning across 3 roti canai plates. It was thin and light, almost like eating butter and sugar crisps.

It was gone at the speed of light though. 5 minutes I believe?

We were not surprised when Restoran Sri Melur Jaya was voted the best roti canai joint in the Klang Valley in The Star People’s Food Awards. Obviously, we stand by the vote.

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