Monday 2 March 2015

Korean Fried Chicken at KyoChon ~ 1 Utama

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South Korea's No.1 Fried Chicken Restaurant (so they claim) is now in Malaysia!
Kyochon is a South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain. Founded in 1991, Kyochon is one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurants in South Korea. Kyochon operates some restaurants in the United States. Kyochon has its head office in Osan, Gyeongi-do.
Source: Wikipedia

Yes, you may click the photo (and it will show a larger size) to have a closer look at Lee Min Ho.

LC was super keen to bring me to Kyochon after he had their food twice and 'QCed it' for me. A new  Pavilion branch opened about a month ago and they have two more branches in the Klang Valley. I like how their website is clear, straightforward and lists their full menu, photos, prices and all.

Their menu centers around chicken wings, drumettes and drumsticks in 3 series - Original series : Soy Garlic, Red : Hot Chilli Peppers and Honey. They also have the choice of SalSal chicken breast strips coated in a puffed rice batter served with a choice of 3 sauces - Jambalaya, Honey Mustard or Red Dipping sauce.

I ordered a Roasted Barley tea, it's refillable at RM5 a pot. The tea was quite mild, the flavor is not as strong as I expected.

LC's Sparkling Plum Fruit Tea was very refreshing and was exceptionally good after you've had a red hot chicken wing.

We ordered 8 pcs of Original Soy Garlic wings and drumettes and it was pretty impressive. The glaze and marinade was flavorful and was evident even in the meat and the exterior was crispy. Like they said - it was highly addictive!

We ordered a Spicy Chicken Bulgogi to make up for the lack of carbs - this however was not too fantastic. The bulgogi was pretty tasty but the rice was dry. I would skip this and just have wings to my heart's content.

THIS was the star of the show - the Red Hot Spicy wings and drumettes. It was a medley of sweet, salty and spicy that left a lingering burn but it was so so good! The balance of the contrasting flavors was just right and the chicken was moist and the skin well caramelized and stickily crisp. Highly recommended for those who love spicy chicken wings. No dipping sauce was required for both wings, they were just that good on its own!

LC had QCed the honey wings and SalSal strips and declared the honey version not as great as the original or the spicy ones while the SalSal strips' batter was strange. He also added that the garlic fried rice and Kimchi fried rice are not too great either.

They have sets of rice + wings + soup + salad + drink which are value for money but are quite restrictive in choices of wings. An order of wings is actually quite pricey on its own.

I would have loved to try their drumsticks but good things (sometimes) come in small packages and the wings may be just that. We had 20 wings among us and filled their 6 inch high bone cup almost to the brim. Now that's what I call finger-licking good (and I actually ate with my cutlery!).