Thursday 5 February 2015

Mum's Place [Revisit] ~ Damansara Perdana

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I've written about Mum's Place previously and I said I want dessert the next time we visit. And dessert we had! So, here's a super short review of our last visit.

We ordered the cencaru and fried sweet potato leaves and on top of that, some beef rendang. The beef rendang was fragrant and every mouthful was tender beef with a burst of spices. I was very impressed at how soft the texture of the beef was.

We ordered 2 desserts - a Sago Gula Melaka and a Cendol. The sago was rich and the gula melaka - you could tell it was good gula melaka. The cendol came with real mashed red beans yay! and it was smothered with santan and gula melaka. A rich and satisfying concoction right there.

Oh, I look forward to many more bowls of these!