Thursday 5 February 2015

Texas Chicken ~ Plaza Singapura

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Texas Chicken was the only fast food we had in Singapore during our last trip.
We have had it in KL before but what caught our eye was a Jalapeno flavored one in Singapore.

Here's a quick post on some fast food!

LC and I ordered a 2 piece and 3 piece chicken set each with a mixture of flavors.

We loved the thick cut fries and the sinful, buttery biscuits. The chilli sauce served was pretty decent too. The mashed potato however, is as artificial as KFC's with the taste of powdered potato.

New Jalapeno chicken (the darker colored piece) had the green taste and fragrance of a fresh jalapeno. It did have a bit of heat but mostly, you're getting wafts of Jalapeno freshness. It was quite amazing how they managed to infuse that in the chicken.

There's also hardly any fat between the chicken and the skin which was rather surprising. The chicken was rather moist and not too oily like the most popular fried chicken fast food chain that we know.

Now if only they open more branches in KL...

Update: They now have the Jalapeno Txtreme Chicken in Malaysia, go try it!