Tuesday 31 March 2015

Create Your Own Magnum at Magnum Cafe ~ Midvalley Megamall

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I'm late to hop on the Magnum Cafe hype but I suppose, better late than never!
There was some confusion waiting in the short line on the lower level as we were ushered into the shop but not told where to go. The staff had a 'ikut saja' look when I looked at them questioningly so I followed the fast-moving crowd upstairs. Only when I reached upstairs did things make sense.

Magnum Cafe is divided to 2 floors - the lower floor caters to only Magnum eaters (those who don't order from the menu) while the top floor caters only to those who order from the menu. I found this concept weird and not customer friendly. However, there were 2 counters, one upstairs and one downstairs that allow you to order and purchase the customized Magnums.

While you wait in line, the LCD screen tempts you to spend more than you initially planned to.

Admittedly, the chocolate cookie skillet looked quite tempting.

The Magnum Trifle however looked quite scary.

(Click the photos above to have a larger view of the menu)

You have the choice to customize your Magnum thoroughly from the choice of ice cream - chocolate or vanilla to the coating -  dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate.

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Follow that up with to the toppings - an interesting range from the more common mini marshmallows to crispy potato chips to healthier goji berries or for the braver, chilli flakes or sea salt followed by a drizzle of chocolate - again the chocolate of your choice.

My Fruity Loops is getting a final drizzle of chocolate in this photo.

The Fruity Loops has vanilla ice cream as a base dipped in white chocolate and topped with dried mango, freeze dried raspberries, chopped pistachio, dark chocolate pearls and topped with a dark chocolate drizzle.

There were too many chewy bits in this combination making it quite unpleasant and difficult to eat. The flavors did jive together but the sweetness is quite overwhelming in the vanilla ice cream and white chocolate coating. Also, the coating stuck to the box for ours so detaching it caused a flurry of flying toppings. Really quite unpleasant.

I think I'll stick to my Magnum Almond for now.

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