Friday 10 April 2015

Restoran Kopi Tiga Dua Lapan ~ Taman Midah

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On CNY Day 7 (Yan Yat), there was a mini celebration of food with a family friend at a seafood restaurant we've been meaning to try. Han Lim Seafood is our usual go-to for reasonably priced seafood so we were curious when we found out there was another seafood place in the vicinity.

Restoran Kopi 328 is located in Medan Midah, the area where the pasar pagi is located in the morning. 328 is a corner shop in the middle of a row of shoplots. It's not too difficult to find.

328 has fresh seafood on a bed of ice to be cooked to your liking but with less variety compared to Han Lim.

Yan Yat is not complete without yee sang and 328's was a decent mix of sweetness and sourness with just enough moisture to keep everything together.

The Kam Heong bamboo clams was lacking some salt but the bamboo clams were cleaned thoroughly with their muddy innards removed!

The belacan paku pakis was tender and crisp with enough wok hei.

Their steamed prawns were fresh, sweet and not overcooked in soy sauce and a dash of chinese cooking wine. You can see that their prawns have not completely curled into a overcooked 'U' shape. This was very good (or I may be exceptionally biased to prawns)

We had an asam catfish in claypot dish which was neither sour or spicy enough so this was our least favorite. Drizzles of soy sauce failed to save this rather bland dish but the fish was otherwise cooked well and was fresh and firm.

Ironically, the best dish was the Marmite Chicken. The sticky and sweet sauce with crispy chicken was absolutely delicious.

328 is a decent Chinese restaurant which caters mostly to the homes in the neighborhood with their pretty standard Chinese fare and fresh Pulau Ketam seafood. I wouldn't say they are worth the trip from far and wide but if you're in the vicinity, it's worth a try.

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