Monday 27 April 2015

Authentic Penang Curry Mee at Restoran Wan Guan ~ Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Update: The curry mee stall has unfortunately been replaced by a fish ball noodle + curry noodle stall but is no longer run by the same Penang couple.

This post was first posted at Restoran Wan Guan ~ Bandar Sri Permaisuri.

I'm hitting a little close to home but I feel the need to share a good curry mee in my area.

A Penangite couple runs the curry mee stall at Wan Guan which also serves fu zhou-style stuffed fish ball soup noodles, and dry curry noodles.

The first feature about this noodles is the flat, yellow noodles that they use. It's more springy and has less alkali water taste and smell to it unlike normal yellow noodles. I have a strong dislike for yellow noodles - my soup noodles are mostly kuey teow or meehoon - but to me, this was amazingly delicious! My dad has tried the curry with kuey teow and according to him, it's equally good, if not better.

For my no-cockles option, they generously replace it with chicken. The usual curry mee ingredients apply - taufu pok, deep fried pork skin, long beans and beansprouts. They also add in fish balls, pork meat balls and fish cake to make up if there's not enough ingredients.
Besides the noodles, the star is the curry itself. LC has had this curry mee before and he described it as 'very close to Penang's curry mee'. The milky consistency tastes like it's a mixture of coconut milk and evaporated milk instead of pure coconut milk giving it a creamy but light texture. It does help that the broth used is tasty and well seasoned. You'll get a satisfied 'curry mee feel' without the jelak factor.

If you're ever in the area, do keep this curry mee in mind. Restoran Wan Guan also serves good economic rice dishes and a RM4.50 spaghetti bolognaise which is really good!