Friday 1 May 2015

Ah Lai White Curry Instant Noodles

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The instant white curry noodles craze has finally died down but that's not going to stop the curiosity in me from trying non-My Kuali brands.

I came across Ah Lai White Curry Instant Noodles and was taken by how similar it was to MyKuali's packaging. Search online and there are many comparisons to MyKuali's. However, Ah Lai's has better online presence, there's a website, a Facebook page and a USA page. Wow!

The noodles came with 3 packets of seasoning - the curry paste, a dry powder seasoning and powdered creamer.

The powdered creamer had a whiff of coconut milk which gave the broth a lemak factor and it helps to give it an overall oomph! The dry powder seasoning had a strong fishy smell.

I liked the curry paste - it had a refreshing lemongrass scent which was unlike any other instant curry noodle.

The noodles were springy but not as hard as MyKuali's and the broth was more pleasant and lighter than MyKuali's. The lemongrass mince was a smart idea to counter the fishy smell but I'm not sure if Penang White Curry actually has that component.

Ah Lai White Curry has become my new favorite alongside Mamee Chef Curry Laksa (that's another story for another day) not because it tastes authentic but because it tastes delicious.