Friday 17 April 2015

Curry Rice at Coco Ichibanya ~ Bugis+

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We're very lucky that when we're in Singapore, we have a foodie friend to bring us out for food. Thanks Gwen <3

And we ended up at Coco Ichibanya.

Coco Ichibanya the top curry rice restaurant chain in Japan has outlets worldwide. They have over 1,700 branches in Japan, 42 branches in China and 22 branches in Thailand, wow!

You get to choose the rice portion, spiciness level and sauce portion besides having sets. I like the fact that you get to customize your food to that extent. I had a chicken karage omu curry rice set which came with a drink and a small salad (additional SGD 3.50). Add on SGD 4.50 for a salad, a drink and a dessert.

The omu curry rice was delicious. The egg was cooked to perfection - a little undercooked to give you that creamy, runny omelette which was perfect with short-grained rice and to top it off, a thick, spicy curry sauce. Mine was probably a level 3 or 4. The crispy chicken karage added texture (and meat) to the gooey dish. Because the spiciness is adjusted by the amount of chilli powder that's in the curry, bear in mind that the texture will get a little sandy as you go up a level.

The salad was fresh and a good size for those who want to add some greens to their meal.

LC had a tonkotsu omu curry rice. The tonkotsu was crispy but not too oily. It was very good as well.

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