Tuesday 14 April 2015

Jonker 86 ~ Jonker Street

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LC, Justin and I made a one-day trip to Malacca to collect his things when he permanently moved back to KL and we took advantage of the trip to sample more Malaccan delicacies!

Among the food joints that we visited was Long House 86/QQ86/Jonker 86 which was recommended by my brother for their Nyonya Laksa. After my last disappointing Malacca food trip, I was determined to have better food this time around.

It is a old shop right next to Jonker 88 in this post on Jonker Street. As the menu above mentions, they serve non-halal noodles and rice dishes.

It is run by 2-3 ladies handling both food and drinks.

LC and my brother ordered the Nyonya Laksa while I ordered the Asam Laksa.
The Nyonya Laksa had slightly clear broth (as you can see) but with a spicy and creamy taste. It was not bad and would have been a good replacement for Nyonya Laksa if you did not want to travel all the way to Baba Low. Of course, they had less than traditional ingredients of fishballs and fried sui kow but it was alright.

The Asam Laksa however was a big disappointment. Even though the soup looks thick here but it was not the sweet, sour and brine-y taste I expected. It was not flavorful and was quite bland. Not to mention, instead of serving you sardine that was cooked in the broth, a dollop of mushed canned sardine is smacked on your noodles. In the end, I did not finish this.
If I were to come back, it would be to have their Nyonya Laksa and only that.

The next post for the mini food trip is Nadeje's Mille Crepes. Stay tuned!