Wednesday 29 July 2015

Sushi Jiro ~ Midvalley Megamall

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Even though we had all intention to watch a movie, hunger and affordable sushi superseded all plans. Rightfully so, for if not, I'll not be able to bring you a review of Sushi Jiro, a kaitsensushi (conveyor belt sushi) place recently opened in April at Midvalley Megamall.

Aiming to keep its price affordable, all items are RM3.48 per plate inclusive of GST. Sushi Jiro's variety is quite impressive - I calculated 32 types just on the first page of the menu. The only downside of having a huge variety on plates with the same color is that you may not be able to tell one similar looking sushi from the other.

The above photo is courtesy of Sushi Jiro's facebook page.

Sushi Jiro is also having a RM2.99 per plate promotion when you eat more than 5 plates. Easily achieved even if I was dining on my own. This is only applicable till 31st July so visit them before then! During LC's first few visits, there were lots of people and the service staff struggled to keep up. We ate here during Ramadhan and on a weekday during lunch time so it was relatively empty and service was good.



The menu on their facebook page is really tiny so click on the photos above to get a bigger picture of the variety they offer.


They also have ramen and udon at about RM10 a bowl. We did not order any of this because hey, we're here for sushi! My dessert stomach got squished by all the sushi so we didn't order any dessert either.

Here are a few items that I enjoyed.

My first go-to at a sushi place is a Inari sushi and Sushi Jiro's passed with flying colors - not too much rice wrapped in the mildly sweet tofu skin which was a nice balance of simple ingredients. The Chuka Iidako has nicely marinated baby octopus in bite sized pieces, not chopped into a mushy mince and drenched in sauce. Plus point!


Inari Tuna Salad, a inari sushi topped with tuna salad and briefly torched mayo had a charred flavor giving the normally boring and briny tuna salad a nice change. The Inari Salmon Salad is a good example of not being able to tell one sushi from another as it looks exactly like the Inari Tuna Salad until you bite into it. Despite not being a fan of salmon, this did not have the fishy taste I detest which is a welcome change to my palette. LC, the salmon fan liked this as well even though he commented the tofu skin is a little sweet.


We're always on the lookout for Tamago Mentai and although Sushi Jiro's had only a light squeeze of mentai mayo, it made up for it with the decently sized tamago slice. The Salmon Mentai Mayo was good as well. The torching cooked the top of the salmon which made it palatable to my sashimi-adverse tongue.

The Chuka Kurage was well-marinated and not chopped to tiny pieces so there was a nice crunch. Even LC enjoyed this.


LC had the Kani Mentai Mayo and liked it. I see actual crab meat and not crabsticks. Thumbs up to that! LC picked up a Aburi Salmon Belly, a charred version of the raw salmon belly sushi. Even though I don't eat sashimi in general, this was delicious as the torching gave it a nice roast flavor.

4 plates of Unagi were devoured by LC and I can see why. The eel was a decent size and not drenched in sauce.

LC's salmon maki was gone quickly so I assume it was decent as well.

I had other items like the tamagoyaki and edamame pictured here. The tamagoyaki was so-so without the mentai mayo dressing and a bit too sweet. The edamame was seasoned well and not overcooked. LC also had plates of salmon sashimi which came in decent chunks of 2 per plate. They were all devoured even before I could take a photo.

I bumped into a friend while dining here and she suggested I try the black pepper sushi, a combination of the mentai mayo and sprinkles of black pepper. Because we were stuffed to the brim from consuming 22 plates, we did not attempt to stuff anymore sushi down our throats. That's probably good news though because it means there will be a revisit!

Sushi Jiro may not serve top-notch sushi but the decent quality sates sushi cravings without burning a hole in our fragile pockets. Serving value for money sushi is surely worth a visit if not for their variety that will appeal to even the fussiest of eaters.

Sushi Jiro is located at the South Court of Midvalley Megamall on the 2nd floor in front of Harvey Norman. Eat Drink KL has a review here..