Thursday 30 July 2015

Sushi Jiro [revisit] ~ Midvalley Megamall

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We visited Sushi Jiro on a Monday for lunch and we ended up there again (in the same week!) on a Saturday for dinner to take advantage of the RM2.99 per plate promotion (if you have 5 plates and above!).

This time around, I was curious to try other items including the Black Pepper sushis recommended by Karie. We have also managed to identify the difference between the Mentai Mayo and the Black Pepper sushis which the menu does not help with.

This is a Tamago Mentai Mayo.

This is a Tamago Black Pepper.

There is an obvious difference when they're placed side by side but the easier way to identify the Black Pepper sushi is by the spring onions garnishing. After removing the spring onions, the Black Pepper sushi was a rather interesting medley - the spicy black pepper against the creamy mayo and that lovely char from the torching - made it a delicious combo.

The salmon sushi was good in the black pepper style as well - the hint of spice helped to alleviate the fishiness of the salmon.

Chuka Iidako without the rice was a little salty from the marinade but large slices (not minced!) was a welcomed change.

The Hotate Mentai Mayo - Scallops with Mentai Mayo was too fishy for me. I'm not too fond of boiled scallops, the brininess of the clams remains and the mentai mayo didn't help with the taste.

LC picked up this Salmon Cheese and didn't like it. I found it alright but the combination not the best.

The Cheese Tobikko looked interesting so I picked it up. The cheese barely had a milky flavor and combined with the hidden wasabi, it was too strange and pungent for my liking.

The Awabi Mentai Mayo - Abalone Squid with Cod Roe Mayo was a little strange for me. The texture was a cross between chewy squid and chewier abalone and it was a rather tasteless piece of clam. The mentai mayo didn't help better the taste of this one.

Fresh well-seasoned boiled edamame. I had 2 bowls of these!

My favorite this time around was this - The Ika Geso Teri Mayo, essentially boiled squid tentacles with mayonaisse. The sprinkle of chilli powder went really well with the mayo and the crunchy squid and I found myself reaching for an extra sprinkle of chilli powder. Thank you Manager-san for getting this prepared for me - even he got a little confused between the Ika Geso and the Ika Geso Teri Mayo.

The promotion for Sushi Jiro's RM2.99 per plate (when you eat above 5 plates) ends tomorrow, 31st July so go get them while you can!