Friday 25 September 2015

Dah Makan Lunch Box

Curiosity killed the cat again as I gingerly placed my order for a lunch box delivery from Dah Makan. My last experience with Happy Time Kitchen Lunch Box was less than satisfactory but my confidence to order with Dah Makan was backed up by pretty solid reviews from Eat Drink KLHealth Works and Jewel Pie.


My order arrived at 12.13 noon and the vibrant packaging actually got me a little excited at opening the box.


A thick, colorful serviette and a solid pair of cutlery comes together with the waxed lunchbox which prevents any sauce or liquid from seeping though. I liked these small details that Dah Makan took into consideration to make your makan experience a little better.


My order was a Teriyaki Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables, Edamame and Organic Soba and it comes with a small fruit salad. Open the box and you're greeted by a surprisingly fresh scent of chopped vegetables - nothing was soggy in the nice package.


The portion itself was decent and the ratio of vegetables, chicken and carbs were well apportioned. The crunchy vegetables was definitely the highlight of the meal - munching on the tangy vegetables gave me the impression that I was well on my road to healthiness even if it was only for this meal. The chicken was flavorful and well marinated and despite being the breast portion, it wasn't dry.

I like my edamame well seasoned and a little crunchy - Dah Makan's was cooked just right. No complains about the soba's texture either - it was not too soft or too hard.


The fruit salad of cubed oranges, green apple and watermelon (which I gobbled up really quickly so I forgot to take a photo oops) was tangy and a nice end to the meal. It also sated any cravings for sweets after. A warm glass of green tea perfected my meal.

There is something that I feel is missing - a citrusy vinaigrette to give some flavor to the soba. My meal would have been complete then. Other than that, the meal was delicious, balanced and healthy with no additional delivery charges!

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