Friday 18 September 2015

Whimsical Gelataria ~ Solaris Dutamas & every sundae ~ Damansara Uptown by cielo dolci

It is no secret that my favorite gelato is cielo dolci and that I was super sad when they moved away from Paradigm Mall. How do I get my gelato fix then? :(

With that thought in mind, I actually had cielo dolci gelato twice in one day. 
Entirely by accident, of course.

The first dose was at whimsical gelataria & caffe at Solaris Dutamas. We planned for a brunch and gelato visit.

Rustic with motifs of ice-cream, it was a comfortable dining place albeit being a bit warm.

More cute deco.

I was glad to see all the usual flavors still being served along with almost all-day breakfast dishes 

LC had a Latte - strong coffee with bitter and smoky flavors, perfectly balanced with foamy milk. Good to know that Whimsical serves a decent cuppa!

I had a Mocha which gave the coffee an earthy and rich cocoa flavor. We liked both cups of coffee very much. 

Your Salmon Highness (RM23.90)
Always looking out for his favorite smoked salmon, LC ordered a waffle dish made of smoked salmon, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce atop savory waffles. Although this was good, the waffles needed more seasoning. 

Please Egg Me (RM23.90)
I'm a big fan of baked eggs and baked beans so this dish was appealing based on description - baked eggs, baked beans with chicken sausage and turkey ham topped off with a sprinkle of cheese. What was disappointing was the severely undercooked eggs which turned into a watery mess of potential salmonella. I also wished there was more than a sprinkle of cheese because the dish itself turned out rather bland.

Whimsical's saving grace however was their Whimsical Waffle + Double Scoop of Gelato (RM16.90). Our choices were Dark Belgium Chocolate and Salted Caramel which were super rich, just like we remember.

With Whimsical, the general consensus among friends are that their coffee and desserts are good while most are not in favor of their food. Unfortunately, LC and I agree. It doesn't help that their prices are rather steep though understandable due to their location.

Whimsical still serves their gelato per scoop at their open-aired window with more flavors than before - there are alcoholic flavors now!

Also at Whimsical is their trophy for winning 3rd place at the Gelato World Tour Asia Pacific Finals in Singapore. Their winning flavor was Vanilla of the East - Pandan gelato accentuated with vanilla beans, folded with basil seeds and finished with a drizzle of salted Gula Melaka. I had it when it was first showcased at Paradigm Mall and genuinely liked it! Though I'd have to admit the combination of strong flavors is an acquired taste.

Here are some reviews by Food Everywhere, Peace on Earth (with menu photos) and Sixth Seal.

The second touchdown with cielo dolci was at every sundae that night after a rather heavy Northern Indian meal.

every sundae is a little different from cielo dolci as it serves a soft serve style gelato. To our surprise however, our regular gelato scoopers at Paradigm Mall have been relocated to every sundae and it was nice to see them again after Paradigm's branch was closed. 

An adorable unconventionally 'door mat' greets you at their door.

Pick your poison (zoom in to have a closer look!) and make your own sundae.

They have 6 types of soft serve gelato:

The twist - a combination of Matcha & Cornflake Milk and Salted Caramel & Deep Dark Chocolate and the twist flavors served individually - Matcha, Cornflake Milk, Salted Caramel and Deep Dark Chocolate. Pick your toppings and a drizzle of sauce to finish it off.

Not keen on soft serve? They still have their signature gelato by the scoop as well as an array of drinks.

Or pick their poison - every sundae have combinations of soft serve and toppings if you're indecisive.

The single-storey shop lot is rather small so you'll find yourself fighting for space inside and al fresco. There will however be a friendly waiter to help you organize yourselves.

Because LC and I were rather full from the Indian meal, I picked a twist of Matcha & Cornflake Milk topped with cheesecake cubes. LC being the maker of good cheesecake scoffed at every sundae's attempt of bland, flavorless cheesecake and commented their soft serve didn't have that strong flavors that their scooped gelato has. I unfortunately have to agree.

The soft serve gelato was rather light in flavor and texture. It was still very smooth but both the Matcha and Cornflake Milk flavors was not up to mark of the Matcha soft serve competitor in Midvalley and the malty soft serve competitor just down the road.

Ezel's Ho-Hojiak combination was a rather messy one to consume but made a pretty picture.

Despite my little disappointment by their soft serve, every sundae seems to be doing well. It's an awesome hangout place with friends and intricate soft serve gelato combinations though the noise level may get to you after awhile.

Reviews are available at Eat Drink KL, Malaysian Flavours and Rebecca Saw among others.