Friday 11 September 2015

Nutty Coco Coconut Ice Cream ~ Ikano Power Centre

Coconut, a common fruit in Malaysia, has only recently experienced a boom in popularity as ice-cream. All of a sudden, everyone wants a piece of it - the most popular brands being Sangkaya and Nutty Coco. I'm a big fan of Sangkaya so every time I get my hands on it, it's usually consumed quickly without much thought.

However, this is a review for Nutty Coco with claims of being the Original Chatuchak Coconut Ice-cream and nothing screams 'You Must Try Me!' like a claim to be the original treat from the streets of Bangkok.

Unlike Sangkaya, Nutty Coco comes in array of combinations from the classics to the downright outrageous.

Coconut Ice-cream with Mysterious Spices anyone? Click the images to zoom in!

Cendol Malaya was definitely created with the Malaysian market in mind. Click to zoom in!

For those who just want drinks - Nutty Coco has coconut water and coconut milkshakes as well.

Going for The Signature, I got half a coconut shell with some coconut flesh hidden under 3 scoops of coconut ice-cream and sprinkles of roasted peanuts and corn. For those who dine-in, this coconut shell sits on a metal container in a rather precarious fashion where a slight tip will bring the toppings falling off. For takeaway, the coconut shell sits on your palm with some tissue. This wasn't a very efficient way of eating for me  because the rounded bottom didn't allow me to put it down at any time. I wished there was an option for a takeaway cup.

The ice cream was rather smooth and light. If you're looking for a coconut ice-cream with strong flavors, Nutty Coco may not be for you. I found it lacking depth that I found in Sangkaya's ice cream. It also has less of a creamy factor as there was evidence of fine ice crystals giving you slight textures of snowy shaved ice. LC commented that if Sangkaya was going to taste like what we had at Nutty Coco, he doesn't want to try it. He had not had Sangkaya at this point.

In this little battle of coconut ice-cream, Sangkaya had won for me. Nutty Coco however is still better than commercial tubs of coconut ice-cream which leaves less to be desired.

Nutty Coco scoops at IPC Shopping Centre & Wangsa Walk Mall and reviews can be found at and Malaysian Foodie.