Monday 14 September 2015

Soft serve ice-cream at softsrve ~ Damansara Uptown

Softsrve, a cute wordplay on soft serve ice-cream is one of the newest ice-cream joints in town (about 6 months old at the point this post was written) and our visit was prompted by Ezel (yes, Deliciouslogy's MIA co-owner) quite recently.

softsrve is located at the same row as Texas Chicken in Damansara Uptown towards the center of the row.

Drinks at softsrve include various teas and the ever popular Tapping Tapir soda which admittedly, I've not tried till this day.

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You're spoilt for choice with 3 types of ice-cream to pick from - Cereal Milk, Deep Chocolate and Oolongcha with an array of topping combinations.

Pick your poison, make payment and receive a numbered cup which you bring with you to the end of the counter to exchange for your order.

The human conveyor belt of ice-cream assembling is still a rather awkward fumble - I did mention the shop is rather green - so be nice and don't stare them down while they're working, no matter how hard it is to resist.

Honey Chips with Cereal Milk ice-cream - Crushed Potato Chips and a Drizzle of Honey
(RM 9)

The reason for the stares are due to this interesting fog that comes spouting out of your cup. Before you think that there's a lot of ice-cream to go around, a piece of dried ice is fizzing in the large cup which your small cup of ice-cream sits on giving you a wowing Instagram-worthy display before you tuck in.

My Honey Chips with Cereal Milk ice-cream was an intriguing combination that turned out delicious! Sweet, salty and malty flavors with gooey, crispy and creamy textures emitted slight childhood nostalgia filled with potato chips, honey drinks and the ever important Nestum in every household. The soft serve itself was good and a welcome change from the plain vanilla as a default go-to flavor.

Ezel's Breakfast made of Caramlized Cereal and Fresh Strawberries had flavors of a classic bowl of cereal with fruit. It was good as well.

LC (which smartly took a photo with his phone before devouring this) had a cone of Plain Deep Chocolate in a Cone. Rich in chocolate but not sugary sweet, it sates chocolate ice-cream cravings instantly.

Soft serve ice-cream at Softsrve is soft serve made right. Well-made ice-cream designed to impress the taste buds and the eyes probably explained the humongous crowd that swarmed the shop 15 minutes after we arrived. 

Quaint deco helps too.

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