Tuesday 27 October 2015

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant ~ Central Plaza

The visit to Mitasu came rather unexpectedly as it was an appreciation dinner for volunteers for events organized by Comic Fiesta. Honestly, I have never heard of Mitasu till the day we were told it was our dinner location so imagine my amazement when it turned out to be a pork-free ala-carte Japanese buffet!

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Located at Central Plaza, the parking area is accessible via the service road between Menara Standard Chartered and Pavilion KL.

If you're wondering where Central Plaza is, it's the oddly shaped building with the striking purple hue along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Thank you Mitasu's Facebook for the image.

And they're located right at Central Plaza's entrance. Thank you again Mitasu's Facebook.

Before anything, let's look at the price per person and the variety they have. Click on the lovely images provided by Mitasu on Facebook to zoom in. 

Here are the items I liked:

I had plates and plates of Saba Yakimono which was Grilled Japanese Mackarel. The fish was fresh, flavorful and well done. I was thoroughly impressed at this.  

The Inari Sushi was quite a surprise as it was not overly stuffed with rice giving you some stomach space to savor other food.

Though not photographed, the Chuka Idako, seasoned baby octopus had a hint of chili and wasn't served in chopped mashed bits. There were quite a number of repeat orders for this. Also, the Salmon Batayaki/Teriyaki is worth mentioning as it was fresh and grilled well. Unfortunately, it got gobbled up so fast I don't have a photo!

The green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream were pretty good though I found the latter's bits of sesame seeds to be a bit too course but some people like it that way.

At Mitasu,. everyone raved about the fresh, thick cuts of sashimi which most ordered in mass quantities. They always arrive beautifully on a bed of ice if there is a large order.

These items were not too great:

The tempura dishes had batter that were evidently too thick - obvious even from photos but the prawns were fresh and quick large. However, it was not overly greasy.

The Lamb Bata-yaki was tough but rather tasty. We had a good jaw workout from this.

The Ika Bata-yaki was tough as well and a little salty. It was probably a quality control problem as the kitchen was swamped and the restaurant filled to the brim.

The Takoyaki was a hit and a miss. The batter was crispy and adequately flavored but the octopus bit was missing in the crispy ball.

Also a bit strange was the Bara Chirashi Don, a mixed sashimi rice bowl LC had. The vinegar flavor was too strong making the rice taste funky as though it had gone bad.

Even though there were hits and misses with Mitasu, it's a decent Japanese ala-carte buffet restaurant. Really focusing on Japanese cuisine, it is a better option than Saisaki or Shogun's fusion buffet as it has an ala-carte buffet system ensuring fresh food on the table and on top of that, it's cheaper! I would however recommend booking at least a week in advance as it was full the entire time we were there.

Have any good Japanese buffets to recommend? Let us know!