Tuesday 3 November 2015

Tryst ~ SS 15

Our search of good pancakes after the meal at Naughty Nuri's brought us from Breadfruits in Sri Hartamas (who only serves their breakfast items till 5 pm) to Tryst in SS 15. This was based off a list of 'Best Pancakes in KL & Subang' that Ezel found online.

Tryst offers an al-fresco and indoor air-conditioned dining with shisha on the al-fresco side.

The quirky side to Tryst had rustic bookshelves, paintings on the wall with a graffiti touch and a lone mannequin in the middle of the cafe. I loved the magazine cutting covered staircase to their upper floor but missed a photo as it was dark.

Evidently they have fans as proven by the little blackboard of messages and drawings on coffee stained serviettes. The restaurant was fairly full on the inside with lots of room upstairs and the open air area downstairs.

On to the food, my Peach Soda had a nice sweet and sour tang - refreshing after the heavy meal while LC's banana milkshake was smooth and creamy with strong hints of banana.

Their specialty the Blue Curacao Soda was ordered at our table but I didn't taste it. Despite its mysterious color, it was well received by those who tasted it.

The chocolate tart was rich with a thick slab of chocolate and was the best item we had that night.

Thick slabs of eggy French toast were decent with the cube of butter and honey. One of our table companions commented that it tasted very homemade just like his grandmother used to make.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate pancakes were surprisingly huge and thick. Generous with the peanut butter and chocolate sauce, the pancake was too cakey and dense for our liking. There was a powdery texture at first chew then it becomes a mushy goop in your mouth. It was however, large enough to be a meal of its own.

The Caramel pancake had really thick and smoky caramel which was delicious! However the pancake was the same dense cakey consistency with a powdery aftertaste.

According to the reviews I've read, Tryst serves pretty good meals which are worth the money. We were rather unfortunate that the pancakes were not that great. 

Reviews can be found at TheGardenNom, Strings of Memories and Travellinary.