Thursday 25 February 2016

Best Churros in KL at Eat Me Artisanal Desserts ~ Bangsar

Eat Me, Artisanal Desserts is easy to miss, especially when it's located next to bold and hip big brother, Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) on Jalan Telawi 2 in Bangsar.

In comparison, the younger sister is bright and pretty in pastels, creating an insta-perfect environment worthy of an artisanal dessert place.

During our visit on a Sunday evening, Eat Me was rather quiet with our table of two being the only one occupied.

We had decided that we were having dessert for dinner that day so we went all out when ordering.

Chocolate drinks are the highlight of the menu - featuring rich 100% Belgian Chocolate -

Click the menu to enlarge

Followed by desserts ranging from thick toasts, tarts, waffles, cakes, sundaes and on top of their list, churros.

A little green woodland creature (also for sale) keeps you company while you dine using adorable dessert-sized cutlery.

I love chocolate and mint together and this After Eight drink paying homage to After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins really hit the spot. Bittersweet chocolate coupled with a touch of mint syrup was just right although I would have preferred a hot variation which would have been my correct order.

LC's Ice Lemon Tea was refreshing between dessert gorging. 

The Belgian Musang, a durian cake with belgian chocolate fudge topped with durian ice-cream announced its aromatic arrival before it touched the table.

This compact cake with layers of durian pulp and sponge cake was delicious - there was pure durian in this and the belgian chocolate balanced the sweet and creamy with just enough bitterness. The only downside was the slightly frozen durian filling. There were ice crystals in the cake disrupting the smooth texture. Otherwise, it was one of the best durian cakes I've ever had.

Le Chempedak, Eat Me's signature thin chempedak waffles with chempedak cream on vanilla ice-cream fought with the Belgian Musang for the award of strongest aroma.

The waffles were not my favorite although they had chempedak pulp hidden in them. Chewy and almost soggy, it was quite the opposite of my favorite crisp and crunchy waffles. The chempedak cream however was divine. We wished for more chempedak cream and if possible, for the ice-cream to be chempedak ice-cream as well.

Churros, the star of the show, was the original reason LC wanted to bring me to Eat Me. Some time ago, there was a great churros hunt in his family and after many consumed churros later, Eat Me's emerged triumphant.

Crunchy on the outside with a soft fluffy inside, these Mexican fritters had a perfect texture with delicious dip choices of Belgian Dark, Milk, White Chocolate or for the sinful, Salted Caramel. The rich Belgian Dark chocolate was a good pair with the churros though I reckon the rest of the dips would be good as well. The churros, with a hint of cinnamon sweetness were excellent on its own and warrants a visit to Eat Me.

Do drop by Eat Me solely for their churros - it could be a light afternoon tea snack or a great after-dinner dessert - but if you're unable to resist, their thick toast, Japanese ice tarts and ultimate banana split have won hearts all round as well. More reviews are available here and here.