Sunday 7 February 2016

P.S. Tokyo Matcha & Hojicha Soft Serve ~ SS2

P.S. Tokyo is the newest kid on the (Green Tea and soft serve) block in the prime location of SS2. Located in the same row as the SS2 police station and CIMB Bank, there's more parking to go around and it's away from the mess and confusion that is the SS2 square area.

A small menu shows that they specialize in soft serve ice-cream, coffee and tea, cakes and snacks, which is the kind of cafe I'd like to be able to open some day. Who doesn't like a cozy place to chill with ice-cream and snacks?

There are also diet-friendly soft serve mini cups. Adorable cups, don't you think?

For a limited time, they are partnering with Perfecto popcorn for free popcorn toppings for every full-sized soft serve.

P.S. Tokyo wins points for presentation - your order is delicately served on a little chopping block with P.S. Tokyo's logo. That, coupled with the well-lit cafe and the vibrant colors of the ice-cream makes every photo insta-worthy and insta-ready! On top of the photo-ready ambiance, the environment is comfortable and cozy making you want to stay awhile

The milk flavor in the soft serve is rather strong with a creamy aftertaste. It was only after talking to Ezel (Deliciouslogy's MIA co-owner) that I realized what was in it that made it taste like that.

Milk powder.

Yes, there are hints of milk powder in the ice-cream and admittedly, the flavor is not for everyone. There was also a slightly more icy texture as though tiny ice crystals were melting when it comes in contact with your tongue. I would have liked a stronger green tea to milk ratio.

This is our first time encountering a Hojicha ice-cream. I don't think any other ice-cream place has such a flavor. The nutty flavor of the Hojicha balanced out the strong milk flavor better compared to the Matcha. We definitely preferred the Hojicha to the Matcha ice-cream.

The cheesecake baker (LC) wanted to try the Cotton Cheese Cake so we had a slice. Soft and cottony, it was light but didn't have enough cheesy goodness to tempt me for another bite.

The shop is rather spacious - there are about 10 low tables with 2 bar tables which brings the total capacity to about 50 people in one sitting. The minimalist design with props for all your insta needs definitely draws in the cafe hop crowd.

Appealing to the insta-generation, P.S. Tokyo has a smart hashtag marketing strategy - you get to print out a instant photo FOC when you upload your photo on instagram with the #pstokyo hashtag. Nice eh? Be sure to set your profile to public or it won't be able to access the photo. We were quite unfortunate that the printer was out of service when we were there.

P.S. Tokyo is not necessarily my favorite green tea soft serve (my favorite is still from here) but I would admit their Hojicha soft serve is worth trying and it's a great place to chill with friends over some after dinner desserts.