Wednesday 3 February 2016

Simply D ~ Nu Sentral

Simply D is a venture by the Delicious Group with 3 outlets in Nu Sentral, Avenue K and The Curve. I was very intrigued by the fusion menu where many east elements meet rather western elements. Pan Mee ingredients with pasta? The very Asian salted egg in a pasta sauce with pumpkin? And a tea egg to add more Asian touches? It sounded delicious on paper already.

I had high expectations from the little cafe considering that it was the brainchild of the very popular Delicious and reviews had been rather good.

Located at the al-fresco dining area in Nu Sentral, you'll have to exit Nu Sentral, pass the Starbucks facing KL Sentral and make your way towards the end of the row towards aloft Sentral.  

For pasta dishes, you have a choice of linguine, angelhair, soba, spaghettini and fusilli. Those who ordered pasta at our table forgot to indicate the pasta choice and instead of asking us, the waiter decided that we all should have fusilli. Fortunately, it was corrected just before the pasta was cooked.

The salted egg pumpkin pasta was dry and there was absolutely no salted egg flavor. There were tiny knobs of salted egg yolk in the pasta which I picked up to taste separately from the pasta. Oddly, it had no salted egg yolk taste whatsoever. Needless to say, I was very disappointed by the fusion gone wrong. A lot of 'recooking' was required with salt and pepper before it was edible. 

My brother's Pesto pasta with lamb kofta suffered the same fate as well. The linguine was overcooked as was mine and the pesto rather flavorless. The chunks of lamb kofta fortunately tasted decent without a strong gamey scent and had proper seasoning. 

The tea egg, oh the tea egg. I can only describe the tea egg as tasteless and rubbery. Even with the slightly molten centre, it was an absolute disgrace to the Chinese tea egg without the slightest aroma of herbs and soy sauce.

On the order sheet, I wrote that the coffee shake is to be sugarless but in the end, all the drinks turned out sugarless. 

My lemonade and my brother's Thai mango laichi lemonade tasted bland and quite frankly, unpalatable. Also, they return your order sheet to you with the bill and we realized the large coffee shake we ordered became a regular. 

Fair enough, I cancelled out the word regular and replaced it with the word large but with only two tables occupied in the cafe, I wouldn't expect the mix-up to happen. It's not that you are swamped with a dozen tables to serve.

Mum's beef burger was not too bad. She doused it with Tobasco sauce to give it some flavor and it tasted decent. Didn't get to try dad's lamb burger because it was small and he gobbled it up quite quickly. The coleslaw was served with cilantro and was too pungent for my taste. My favorite part of the meal was the french fries that came with the burger which was actually seasoned.

By the end of all this, I had lost interest to order dessert as I had enough disappointments for one evening. It's not often that my family eats at a cafe based on my recommendation so I was really upset that our evening became unpleasant thanks to my recommendation.

I was really looking forward to try Simply D but this turned out to be a disappointing visit. When I posted up my grouses on social media, friends also commented that they had eaten at Simply D and it was bad food one after another.

Simply delicious? I think not!