Thursday 3 March 2016

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken ~ Midvalley Megamall

LC and I have developed a liking for Korean-style fried chicken coated in a sweet, spicy and salty soy-based sauce so we were eager to pay a visit to 4 Fingers, provided the hype and the crazy queue had finally cleared. An opportunity presented itself when the restaurant was not crazily full.

I've categorized 4 Fingers as fast food because of the self-service feature. Other than that, the food is not served as fast as other restaurants of the same category.

The menu is pretty basic, order chicken - wings or drumsticks, ala carte or in a set with fries and a drink. If not, there are burgers or sandwiches, rice boxes, battered and fried seafood or salads. Let me quickly point out that an ala-carte chicken wing is RM2.27 each and a chicken drumstick, RM4.88 each. This is not cheap eating and they're charging similar prices as our favorite Korean fried chicken place.

Because I wanted to try their Chicken Katsu Sandwich which have received lots of raves online, we ordered a 12 piece spicy wingettes and drumettes set and an ala carte chicken katsu sandwich  They were strangely out of rice for the day (not something you hear often) so LC was quite upset that he couldn't get a rice box.

You'll get your drinks and a UFO at the cashier.

Then pick up your food at the pickup counter when your UFO vibrates. Nobody was actually collecting the UFOs when they were handed in (more like piled on the counter) so people could have easily hijacked other people's food.

The pile of chicken was rather small that we had to count to make sure we had all 12 pieces. At first glance, every wing had a lovely caramelized coating and we eagerly tucked into the sticky morsels. It turned out rather disappointing. The chicken had a tasty coat of garlicky soy but was not as spicy as we'd thought it would be. Also, it was very oily and with every bite you take, the grease gets to you. No, it is not a juicy wing, it's an oily one. Granted, they did live up to their name of being crispy chicken. There was plenty of crisp and crunching sounds throughout the meal.

We ordered seaweed fries as we're not fans of kimchi and the seaweed gave a unique touch to the shoestring fries. The seaweed wasn't oversalted but it got messy to eat towards the bottom of the bag. 4 Fingers have their own hand-washing basins and a super powerful Dyson Airblade hand dryer so no worries about dirty hands.

The Chicken Katsu Sandwich came as a surprise as it came in 2 pieces and the bread was a fried mantou! The mantou had a crunchy texture unique to a fried mantou but I wanted more chicken in my sandwich instead of all that kimslaw. Even though I hate kimchi with a passion, the kimslaw was pleasant without the usual punch of acidity.

Our visit to 4 Fingers was to first and foremost try their signature crispy chicken but the fried chicken turned out disappointing and their sides, better than expected. So if it's spicy Korean-style fried chicken that we're craving, we're going back to our staple. This was just not the chicken place for us.

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