Saturday 11 March 2017

Thai Corner ~ PJ New Town

My craving for Thai food hits quite often and I have a usual stall by a Thai lady I frequent near my place. However, she has limited items on her menu and tends to 'open shop' as and when she pleases. So this time, LC decided to introduce me to his favorite Thai restaurant in PJ State.

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On the menu are all the usual suspects - tomyam, Thai curries, fish cooked in a variety of styles and even 'Malaysian-ised' dishes like sweet and sour dishes, 'ikan tiga rasa' and taufu soups. We got a bit greedy that day (okay I got a bit greedy that day) and ordered a green curry chicken, a prawn & squid tomyam, stir fried 4 angle beans and a belacan fried fish. To top off the incredible feast, we shared a bowl of tab tim krob.

The green curry chicken was mildly sweet and rich in coconut cream. The chicken were all thigh and drumsticks so I was a happy girl.

I really enjoyed the squid and prawn tomyam. It was a lovely balance of sweet, sour and spicy that we lapped up every last drop.

The stir fried beans had 'wok hei', impressive. Did I mention that the restaurant is halal? Because it is!

Everything served up to this point was good and satisfactory but the pièce de résistance was the unassuming Thai Chilli Paste Deep Fried Fish. Like the name would suggest, the fish is first deep fried umbattered. It is then slathered in a chilli paste with really strong punchy belacan flavors but with a creamy coconut cream texture. There was just enough chilli in there to keep you coming back for more while the fish was so well fried that it was crunchy on the outside but flaky and moist on the inside. It was mind-blowing. 

In the end, there was a little stir fried vegetable leftover which we did a takeaway because we wanted to make space for dessert! The tab tim krob or red ruby dessert was a nice sweet ending with chewy and crunchy water chestnut and sweet jackfruit.

Needless to say, the dining experience did sate the Thai food craving for a bit. The only downside? Satisfaction caused a whooping RM120++. Woops.