Thursday 15 June 2017

Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar ~ Dataran Sunway

I'm not sure when this happened but I discovered recently that despite years of eating wantan mee as a child, I've grown un-fond of it in my adult years - something that I didn't know was even possible. Ezel discovered Ru Di Fook and its glittering reviews and decided to drag me along to this place that I could only describe as a hipster wantan mee restaurant.

Ru Di Fook's decor is loud and challenges everything that has been imprinted in your mind of a typical wantan mee stall or shop. Cafe tables and chairs replace plastic foldable tables and plastic Swordsman chairs and the mellow lighting creates the mood of calmness and relaxation unlike the usual hustle and bustle of a kopitiam.

Hot Flat Whit
Lukewarm Latte
 Spotted in Ru Di Fook is the same coffee machine that our favorite coffee place has so orders of coffee had to be made. Ezel's flate white had a very different flavor from my latte and a crucial mistake could not escape my coffee drinking senses - the latte was lukewarm. 

Hot Latte
A swift change was made after our complaints were registered and we had slight concerns that the coffee may come back tasting different hot. Fortunately, it tasted the same. The coffees were average tasting - a level above Starbucks but nothing special tasting.

Next came the orders of food. I read a review that stated that (I paraphrase) -- with one bite of the siew yoke, I knew I was going to come back for another visit - and with that confidence in the reviewer, I ordered a roast pork alongside a yuzu braised pork wantan mee which was served with prawn wantan.

Bear in mind that I'm not very fond of wantan mee so the experience was amplified at Ru Di Fook. The noodles were soft and overcooked, nothing like the perfect al dente wantan noodles I found perfect in Hong Kong. Surely when making noodles this thin, it should emulate the Hong Kong style of thin wantan noodles. This one had no bite and grew mushy in your mouth too quickly. The pork tasted rather odd - the dark soy braising sauce had the bitterness of the yuzu but not the citrus-y freshness of it. The egg felt out of place for me.

The wantan soup was a scallop soup but I found it rather ordinary and the wantan was just alright. Then came what was supposed to be the highlight at Ru Di Fook - the crispy roast pork. The skin was crispy yes but the meat tasted ordinary. The crunchy pickled cucumbers however did hit the right spots. Unfortunately, my favorite chain kopitiam satisfies the siew yoke crave more than Ru Di Fook's.

Ezel probably feels annoyed that he brought me of all people to Ru Di Fook as I've not stopped complaining about it since our visit. He himself says that he may have another meal at Ru Di Fook if he's in the area but with the abundant food choices in Dataran Sunway, he may not. For the meh experience he put me through, he did make up for it in the form of really good gelato afterwards - that however is another review for another time.