Friday 8 June 2018

Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh ~ Puchong

Yap Chuan BKT Bandar Baru Klang is our go-to BKT despite the 40 minute journey to the depths of Klang as it usually includes a family visit. Imagine my surprise when I recently found out that Yap Chuan has a branch just 15 minutes away in Puchong? The 15 minute trip happened once we had the time on a Sunday afternoon.

The Puchong branch is as large as its Klang counterpart and offers the same setup - boiling water stations for tea, roaring pots of BKT deep in the shop and steamed fish head which is also another specialty of theirs besides their BKT.

We settled down to a 2 person portion of dry BKT, 1 person portion of soup BKT and 1 portion each of blanched lettuce, taufu pok, golden mushroom strands and yau cha kuai. The BKT was spot-on, from the caramelized and fragrant dry BKT to the thick and tasty soup BKT. 

They had manage to mimic the Klang branch 100%, bringing the original taste to Puchong with no alterations whatsoever. Even the price was the same tad expensive price. It was RM62.50 for 2 person including a pot of tea. 

We will know to order less now that we've had a that large meal there but it was so enjoyable that the price was willingly paid. Service was prompt and servers were attentive despite the shop being full house. I look forward to more visits (and to the huge Hero Market just behind it) in future.