Friday 18 January 2019

HK Boy Cart Noodle ~ SS2, Petaling Jaya

A new shop appeared in SS2 recently emulating a Hong Kong char chan teng at a fraction of the price of typical char chan teng cuisine in Hong Kong but at a similar quality. HK Boy Cart Noodle has quintessential char chan teng dishes from toast and eggs with milk tea to pork chops or chicken chops served on rice or noodles with the Hong Kong cart noodles as its main specialty. 


I had to wiki what cart noodles is and here's what it is - a kind of à la carte noodle which became popular in Hong Kong in the 1950s through street vendors operating using carts. Some vendors specialising in cooked noodles would sell them with an assortment of toppings and styles.

The same applies here where you get to pick and mix your choice of noodles and toppings with different flavored soups or sauces. HK Boy Cart Noodle has 6 types of noodles, 6 flavors/sauces and more than 30 types of toppings to go with it.

I picked a combination of HK egg noodles with beef tendon sauce with curry fish balls, spicy pork slices &  lemongrass pork chop. The noodles are actually really close to wantan mee - springy with no 'alkali water' smell, it was great! The soup was tasty and they were pretty generous with the toppings. All the toppings I liked except for the spicy pork slices because they turned out to be just sliced pork meat balls.

On the side, I decided to try their eggette waffle with cheese and I was pleasantly surprised at how crispy it still was after 10 minutes of being served. They used cream cheese in their eggette so it was a nice burst of creamy cheese encapsulated by a crispy waffle shell. This is the best eggette I've had in Malaysia!

Also on the table that night was HK Boy Cart Noodles' specialty - the scrambled egg with black truffle and butter milk toast. The scrambled egg was moist and silky with just enough black truffle flavor, another pleasant surprise!

The iced milk tea tastes better than most milk tea I had in Hong Kong - my luck was terrible with milk tea in Hong Kong, the best I had was at Kam Fung. I like the bit where the ice surrounds the tea to prevent it from being watered down but kept it cool.

HK Boy Cart Noodles has many branches in the Klang Valley and I'm embarrassed to say that I've not heard of them prior to this visit. But if this standard of food keeps up, I daresay there would be even more branches coming up.

On a separate occasion, I picked the HK egg noodles again with the braised sauce and toppings of Fuzhou fish balls, sweet & sour tofu and lemongrass pork chop. 

The fuzhou fish balls were springy and fresh while the sweet & sour tofu turned out to be gluten balls aka '面筋'. The gluten balls still had the sweet & sour sauce flavor in it which made it a delightful burst of flavor. I also happen to love gluten balls so I was really happy that these were made really well!

The iced yin yong is as good as the milk tea - it's now hard to pick my favorite. A good balance of tea, coffee and milk with just enough sweetness, it had a strong flavor unlike the watered down versions you get at Wong Kok or Kim Gary. Absolutely lovely.

It may have only been my second visit but I already look forward to going again! Food has been so far so good and is better quality than Wong Kok or Kim Gary. Price-wise, HK Boy Cart Noodles is also cheaper so I don't see any reason to go back to any of the older char chan teng franchises.


HK Boy Cart Noodle
14, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya 
(a few doors away from SS2 Family Mart)
Open daily from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm