Tuesday 29 January 2019

Extraction ~ SS2, PJ

Extraction is the new kid on the (SS2) block and was named based on their philosophy of 'extracting the best out of ingredients' with their sourdough starter being an example of being extracted simply from flour and water.

As we were there before 12 noon, only the breakfast menu was available. It's a small selection but it features their prized homemade sourdough in every item either as a main or as toast. 

As we glanced at all their coffee making equipment, we had a quick 'don't play play' impression considering the La Marzocco Leva 2 espresso machine (we're assuming it's a 2 lever machine) costs a good USD 20,000 first-hand! Definitely 'don't play play' coffee standard.

Coffee was without a doubt, good. There was a deep flavor that wasn't just bitter and it was a good balance of creamy milk and strong coffee. It was pleasant to drink and had a smooth finish. Needless to say, the expensive coffee making equipment was being used as intended.

I hate to say this but my first reaction to the menu was 'oh my gosh, why is grilled cheese so expensive?'. My perception changed quickly after the food arrived.

To me, grilled cheese is usually a cheese sandwich filled with cheese + other fillings then grilled on a pan. Extraction's grilled cheese had 4 surfaces of the sourdough covered in cheese! The bread texture was just right - a slightly chewy crust and a soft fluffy center. I'd imagine that it would taste even better as toast. As much as I would have liked more mushrooms, I only managed to finish half of my meal, a testament to the large portion. The other half was consumed for tea time and it was still very enjoyable.

Ezel's big breakfast was indeed a big plate of happiness as described. There was a lot going on on the plate and the scrambled eggs could be fluffier but it was decent. If you're hungry enough to eat a horse, the big breakfast is definitely worth it.

We honestly did not expect much of Extraction - it looked typical of a cafe but that coffee and homemade sourdough certainly impressed. If you're a fan of sourdough and a coffee lover looking for something above the average cafe coffee, Extraction will surely satisfy.


Extraction 萃
11, Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya (same row as The Alley & Brew House)
Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 8am till 6pm