Friday 1 February 2019

Nasi Lemak Ong ~ Citta Mall

This was an impromptu and quick lunch with Ezel stemmed from my last visit to Citta Mall. "Oh my goodness, there's a McCafe here!" I exclaimed in the chat followed by a photo of Nasi Lemak Ong's entrance, "Eh, what's this? Looks interesting, we try next time".

As I started a new note on Google Keep with the shop name as the title and placed my phone down to continue eating, he started writing on the notepad -

I suppose that's the gist of it.

Despite its name, the lemak rice is the only part of nasi lemak that's served here, it's essentially a nasi kandar shop.

I had the yellow rice with a fried chicken thigh, potato curry and cucumber pineapple kerabu. The fried chicken thigh was moist, tasty and well fried, the vegetables decent and the yellow rice had fragrant spices - I picked up bits of star anise and cardamom in it. The sambal belacan was super spicy and very tasty, I loved it but couldn't even finish that tiny bit while Ezel hiccuped away but continued to eat it.

Their specialty is clearly the nasi kandar - the roti planta had too much planta (you'd think that it's a good thing but it's not) but the teh ais ordered was kau, visibly tarik-ed and not too sweet - 'passed with flying colors'.

I'd say that Nasi Lemak Ong is one of the best Malay food I've had that's cooked by a Chinese and is probably the best place to bring foreigners to have good nasi kandar in a comfortable air-conditioned setting - unless you're bringing them for the roadside albeit rather unhygienic eating experience.


Nasi Lemak Ong
G-44, Ground Floor, Citta Mall 
(opposite Unique Seafood & next to McDonald's)
Open daily, 10am - 10pm