Monday 4 February 2019

My Pizza Lab ~ Sea Park, PJ

Making its first appearance at Tiffin Food Court in September 2018 alongside My Boba Lab, the immensely positive response by fans quickly propelled My Pizza Lab to a high position in the Klang Valley pizza-sphere. At Artbox Malaysia, their booth was constantly swarmed with people or when empty, had a sad sign indicating they had sold out.

The opportunity to dine at My Pizza Lab finally came about when we had a quorum of 4 people (how else to eat pizza lah?) and were somewhat prepared to face experimental pizza.

The simple menu had as many non-vegetarian options as there were vegetarian ones which is surprising for a pizza menu as it's common to have only have about 2 vegetarian options - good news for vegetarians, you are finally not left with only a sad tomato and cheese or an all cheese pizza to choose from!

First up, something from My Boba Lab - I decided to try the Jasmine Barbican Pomegranate Boba, a combination of jasmine green tea (Heaven & Earth's if I saw correctly), fresh rosemary sprigs, pomegranate soda and brown sugar boba. 

I'm actually not a fan of jasmine tea and fortunately, the jasmine green tea had a very muted flavor overpowered by the pomegranate soda (yes!). The soda added some bubbly to the drink while the rosemary did add a slight fragrance. The boba had an overcooked texture and hardly tasted of brown sugar. I was unimpressed by the flavor combination as it was not as punchy as I expected and the entire drink tasted rather watered down. 

Moving on to their pizza - it felt like an eternity for the pizzas to arrive when you have 4 very hungry people waiting haha. The pizza crust had a sourdough like texture - chewy and springy on the inside with an almost crisp like crust. One of the teman makan commented that it was a bit like the texture of naan. The dough is flavored with rosemary and chopped sun dried tomatoes. The same dough seems to be used for all the pizzas so you get a tinge of sour every now and then. I enjoyed tearing off the crust and eating it on it's own - I really liked the chewy texture.

The Huat the Duck, a classic combination of smoked duck and orange, in this case, Mandarin oranges was a good combination when dressed with garlic oil and onion jam. Each orange segment had been rid of its translucent skin and the orange sacs torched lightly. It turned the orange sacs gooey so it's almost like a tangy and sweet orange jelly.

The Dugong was our favorite for the night with the rich umami flavored wakame and streaky beef which was drizzled with Kewpie sesame sauce. The flavors were punchy but complemented each other very well. The wakame texture added even more depth to the already good pizza crust.

 We were told that it was a new experimental flavor - the table unanimously agreed that it was an excellent choice for the night!

Marys Lamb was our least favorite of the 3 pizzas we ordered. The braised lamb was a nice texture but the toppings overall tasted under-seasoned and paled in comparison to the previous two.

My Pizza Lab is currently having a promo of a free dessert pizza with every 3 paid pizzas. There's a selection of OG Boba pizza and Cempedak Boba pizza - we went with the cempedak option. The combination of cempedak and cheese wasn't bad but the texture of the boba ruined the dessert pizza for us. The boba was too chewy with little bite so it was lost in the already chewy crust. The cempedak paste was actually really nice and fragrant. If possible, we would've ordered the cempedak boba pizza minus the boba!


My Pizza Lab
12, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm to 9.30pm, closed on Mondays