Monday 6 May 2019

Tian Tian Lai Seafood ~ Bandar Sunway

Located just behind a colleague's house, Tian Tian Lai Seafood is actually located in a food court in Bandar Sunway. The entire food court area has only 1 food stall per say with the drinks stall being the only other stall on the premises.

The first time I ate there, there were 6 of us and we ordered 6 dishes:

Thai-style deep fried chicken
Crispy and well-fried, the sauce wasn't the normal clear colored sweet and spicy sauce  but a viscous dark colored sauce concocted in-house.


Wild boar curry 
The curry was thick and tasty with surprisingly tender meat. This went really well with rice.

Kwai fa egg
Also known as fake shark's fin stir fried with egg, this dish was nice and well-seasoned.

Hot-plate tofu
We didn't expect the tofu to be deep-fried beforehand but this style was alright albeit under-seasoned.

We had 2 vegetable dishes  sweet potato leaves (pictured in the background) and 4 Heavenly Kings (not pictured). The stir-fried vegetables were under-seasoned but were otherwise alright.

The 6 dishes plus chinese tea for RM25 per pax is a pretty good deal for the variety and portion enough for 6 pax in which 3 were adult men with good appetites.

On a separate occasion, the same group had dinner together again ordering the Thai-styled chicken again. It was still very good, an indication that food quality is consistent here.

Instead of going for the wild boar curry, we tried the venison curry this time. It was tender and tasty.

This time we ordered a green leafy vegetable. The stir fried green dragon vegetable had nice wok hei.

The tau fu kang had chunks of soft tofu with bits of actual crab meat in an egg drop soup. It was underseasoned but tasted alright with some soy sauce and vinegar.

The meal still costed us about RM25-30 per person (total of 6 pax). The tau fu kang dish is on the pricier side.

This most recent meal was for only 4 pax in which we ordered 4 dishes.

The jeong ching steamed fish which was too salty and the fish slightly overcooked. Even with rice, the dish was hard to finish.

The stir fried venison with ginger and scallions was good. At this point, I've concluded that their venison dishes are likely good regardless of the style.

The steamed egg was smooth and not overcooked while the stir fried green dragon vegetable (pictured in the background) was as good as before.

Because of the RM53 fish, the price soared to about RM35-40 per pax though I think the choice of fish really matters. A talapia would've cost much less, we had a fish tail of which fish type I don't remember.

Food is generally good here and affordable considering that the student population is large in the area. Lots of families and big groups dine here as well. Service is prompt and cleanliness is adequate.


Restoran Tian Tian Lai Seafood
Jalan PJS 9/5, Pjs 9, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor