Thursday 13 June 2019

An An Shichirin Yakiniku ~ Omori-kita, Tokyo

Shichirin is probably now made famous due to a recent tattoo mishap but for clarity sake, it's a charcoal barbeque grill shaped like a bucket where meat is placed on a round grill plate just above heat produced by burning charcoal.

AnAn is a large shichirin chain with 50 branches nationwide serving galbi-styled barbeque. They serve a buffet course that can cost between 3,000 to 5,000 yen per person but we ate off the ala carte menu at the Omori-kita branch.

Mum and dad were closest to the grill so they did the cooking while I was in charge of ordering.

Ordering was a breeze thanks to the tablet which displays the menu in English and Japanese. They offer pork, chicken and beef on the menu, marinated galbi style or in a spicy marinade which tasted a lot like gochujang.

After seeing pickled radish and kimchi on the menu, we realized that we had landed ourselves in a Korean barbeque place in Japan. Oh well.

All the meat served was very tender and well-marinated. Here's our selection of meat and vegetables.

From top, clockwise: basil pork ribs, spicy chicken leg, value beef short ribs, unmarinated pork belly.

In the middle, eryngii mushroom with butter and below it, radish kimchi

Left: chicken leg, spicy pork ribs

The amazing part of this meal was that all the meat is boneless but turned out juicy and moist. 

Our meal turned out to be 3,086 yen including water, 2 bowls of small rice and 1 large bowl of rice. 

That's about the price of an ala carte Korean barbeque meal in Malaysia! The meal was very enjoyable and the restaurant's ventilation was pretty good so we didn't smell horridly of barbecue when we left.


Japan, 〒143-0016 Tōkyō-to, Ota City, Ōmorikita, 1-chōme−9−8 2F
+81 3-5493-0085