Monday 25 November 2019

Fei Fan Hotpot ~ SS15 Courtyard

This is actually my second visit to Fei Fan Hotpot and it was as good as the first! 

We picked the mala and pork bone soup and it was flavorful, abundant with spice & seasonings and flavored the hotpot ingredients really well - especially the mala! 

The mala broth didn't have the full blast of numbing sensations but still flavored meat really well. The pork bone soup was delightful as a soup and I didn't feel desperate for drinks after the meal.

The meat and meatball here is fresh - the meatballs for order are still soft and chilled, they somehow manage not to freeze anything. My favorite chilled item is the homemade shrimp dumpling and the tau foo pok.

The choices for vegetables abundant and are a tad different from the usual sukiyaki and shabu shabu ingredients. You get very chinese ingredients like the knotted soft beancurd, mushroom fish balls and my favorite deep fried yam slices.

There are 12 condiments to create your own dipping sauce, my favorite being the dry shrimp chilli sauce, the fermented beancurd sauce and the belacan chilli sauce. Not pictured is the soy sauce, dry shrimp chilli sauce and the fried shallots.

As for drinks, water, a passion fruit cordial and Ribena comes together with the buffet package though tea can be ordered separately if you'd like the 110% Chinese dining experience. This is a non-halal place (of course) so beer is available as well.

The service is alright, it gets really hectic even during non-peak meal hours so I really can't blame them when they're trying their hardest. 


Fei Fan Hotpot @ SS15 Courtyard Mall
Lot G-10 Ground Floor, SS15 Courtyard., Jalan SS15/4G, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya
03-7496 6438
Opens weekdays 10 am to 11 pm, weekends 11 am to 11 pm