Wednesday 24 August 2022

Chiang Jiang White Coffee ~ Ipoh

Chiang Jiang kopi and teh from Ipoh is pretty commonly used among Ipoh specialty food shops in Klang Valley namely Ipoh Ipoh in Chow Yang SS2. My first taste of it then definitely made an impression and became a must-try in Ipoh.

Their first kopitiam is located on Jalan Windsor and over time, they expanded to 2 shops on the same road. At 3.30 pm on a weekday, the kopitiam was full with plenty of people on their tea break.

The teh ais is too intense and sweet to be consumed on its own but is perfect on ice. Don't let that small aluminium cup fool you, it's potent. The mix of condensed and evaporated milk leaves a nice aftertaste lingering on the tongue and the tea, fragrant.

A kaya butter toast appeared at every table without fail and I can see why. They're generous with the butter so you get a good balance of creamy butter and sweet kaya, rich and sinful. 

The golden beach toast is like roti kok, the crispy butter and sugar toast but Chiang Jiang's version has bread which is crisp on the outside but with a fluffy and pillowy center.

At the shop, they have their kopi in 3-in-1, 2-in-1 and kopi-o prepacks and are also available at other shops around Ipoh. Prices vary from shop to shop and it seems to be cheaper at Sin Eng Heong downtown.


Chang Jiang White Coffee
7, Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak
Opens daily, 8am - 6pm