Saturday 27 August 2022

Delicious Pakistani cuisine at Najia's Pakistani Tawa & Grill ~ Solaris Mont Kiara

I had the opportunity to dine-in at Najia's Tawa and Grill after ordering through Grab for the past few times. Their lamb dishes are usually outstanding and finally we could have their food fresh.

In the photos are the Quetta & Lahori Paratha and a puffy, airy Puri. The breads were all delicious - light, fluffy and flavorful even on its own. The Quetta Paratha stood out for it's buttery mouthfeel and perfect crisp.

The creamy potato and cauliflower Aaloo Ghobi Makhani had such a good balance of spice and cream that it was rich but pleasant.

Tender, fall off the bone mutton in the heavily spiced tomato-base Classic Mutton Karahi is a favorite when ordering via Grab and it was extra delicious fresh.

The Doodh Patti is a silky milk tea with the nicest and most fragrant aftertaste. There's something about the way the milk leaves a nice coating on your tongue.

The falooda is something we can't order delivery for so this was the opportunity to finally have it. It looks like a mountain of all things sweet but it surprisingly wasn't! Chia seeds, almonds, ice cream, vermicelli, jellies and evaporated milk gave it so much lovely texture. The sweet and sour jellies were my favorite part.

Najia also occasionally runs Sunday brunch buffets so keep an eye out for it if you'd like to try a bit of everything before finding your favorites.


Najia's Pakistani Tawa & Grill
6, Jalan Solaris 5, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opens Tuesdays - Sundays, 11am - 10pm