Thursday 6 October 2022

Baristart Coffee Malaysia ~ Bangsar

With all the hype surrounding this new cafe in Bangsar, I wanted very much to like it especially since the ingredients were rare & dear and the prices on the higher side.

Jersey milk from a rare-breed of brown Jersey cow is used in their drinks, desserts and soft serve and I was genuinely excited for it. The latte was good but not particularly better than my favorite at RM18. The matcha latte had a really strong but pleasant matcha flavor. It is however hard for me to justify a RM21 matcha latte.

I love corn but the white corn ribs didn't impress. The Samyang-like sweet and spicy sauce (minus the Samyang heat) didn't carry the mild-flavored corn well and was a rather odd combination considering that the Hokkaido white corn was supposed to be the highlight.

The sukiyaki beef sandwich had beef slices that were sugary sweet. Not pictured was a Rosti Roast Beef Bomb which tasted pretty good with tender roast beef but the portion far too small to be considered a meal. Also not pictured was a corned beef potato rosti & fried egg that was a crowd favorite.

The truffle risotto was hearty and had the best portion size out of everything ordered.

I ended the meal with a lopsided Jersey Milk soft cream which to me had the flavor profile of milk powder instead of fresh milk.

I really wanted to like the place but I unfortunately didn't.


Momaku x Baristart Coffee Malaysia
Lot G133A, Ground Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily, 8am - 10pm