Thursday 26 September 2013

tujo ~ Ascott

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I mulled long and hard on a good eating place for LC's birthday.

My options were:
a) Risk it by picking a place I've never eaten at before
b) Play safe by picking a place which I know has good food
For some reason, after scouring through my blog, nothing came up! (oh blasphemy!)

Thankfully, food bloggers are abundant in Malaysia and a few places topped my list.

tujo was one of them.

Clicking on the link above would have brought you to tujo's press release, out May this year. The idea of the restaurant is to allow you to 'Eat, Live & Play' and I believe they did just that.
There are no photos of the atmosphere as my phone camera performed very poorly under the dimmed lighting but rest assured, the photos in the press release do reflect the real thing. The place is perfect for entertaining guests or just for a lovely, romantic night out.

We decided to order to share and we picked a salad, 2 main courses and a dessert plus a jug of sangria.

First on the menu came recommended by most bloggers which was a Roast Duck Salad. The dressing was very light and the saltiness of the roast duck complimented the otherwise bland vegetables well.

The Quatro Formaggio on Spinach crust pizza was so good! LC commented that he could actually taste the 4 cheese individually. I only noticed the chunks of fresh mozarella and was getting drunk in the sinfulness of the cheese. The spinach crust does not give the pizza a distinctive taste so vegetable haters will be fine.

The peach sangria had a nice balance in terms of taste but I find that too much floating cubes of apple and orange peel drowns the cubes of peach that sink to the bottom.

This risotto is a first. I've not had risotto prior to this. LC said it was cooked to perfection. Enough bite but not too hard. For me, there was just enough seafood and it was something that I would eat again.

For dessert, it was a mix of Asian and Western - Gula Melaka Cheesecake with Chempedak. Interesting? Very. The cheesecake is the soft, crumbly, light tasting kind. There was just enough gula melaka in the cake and in the sauce for the tongue to sense so the balance was just right. The cake, the gula melaka and the chempedak was a surprisingly good combination.

One more thing to note was the service. Waiters timed our courses perfectly and always asked how soon we wanted our next dish. Since we ordered to share, our plates were changed at every course to ensure that the flavours of each dish was preserved.
For the 4 dishes and drinks, the bill came up to only RM180 which I believe is money well spent.

Thank you tujo for the wonderful dining experience.

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