Tuesday 27 May 2014

Lorong Seratus Tahun ~ SS2

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Lorong Seratus Tahun (LST) started in Penang in 1960 by Moey Saik Kooi, Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun’ late father. At the early stage of the business, it was just a hawker stall selling Curry Mee in Lorong Seratus Tahun, Penang. Forty years later, LST brothers expanded the business to food and beverage outlet business model. - http://lst.com.my

We're quite fortunate that Lorong Seratus Tahun owners decided to keep the business running and head down south towards Kuala Lumpur!

Lorong Seratus Tahun is actually part of LC's food list - he has liked the curry mee when they were still non-halal. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they are now halal certified so for your non-halal fix, please go ahead with a road trip for the original Lorong Seratus Tahun in Penang (KY writes about that in the link at the end of this post).

We decided to try 3 items - a curry mee each and to share, a portion of lobak and a bowl of cendol.

My staple is kuey teow in curry and the smooth kuey teow here doesn't disappoint. They serve the thin variety well cooked. The curry broth on the other hand is the typical Penang style - a thin broth (not the creamy curry laksa variant) with cockles, prawns, squid and bean sprouts. On it's own, I found it no big deal.

But add some chilli paste in it and the dish is now awesome. There is a slight sweetness to the broth and the lemak factor is still there but you won't get bright yellow and jelat factor that KLites are very accustomed to. It leaves room for some snacks and in this case some lobak down below.

The lobak at Lorong Seratus Tahun is served typically Penang. Fried tofu with crispy beancurd skin alongside a pork roll (in this case, it's chicken) and century eggs. This is accompanied by a sticky sauce and chilli sauce. Overall, it's not bad. Of course the tofu doesn't compare to that silky smooth tofu found at Kheng Pin Cafe but it's decent. The chicken roll is quite alright too. If cravings of Penang come to you, this would be the closest halal equivalent you can get.

The cendol is pretty good. The cendol doesn't freeze when it's buried in the ice (unlike low quality cendol) and they use red beans instead of kidney beans here, plus point! I separated the red beans out because LC doesn't like them and that's when I realized that the red beans were in a thick syrup that made my portion instant diabetes. Other than that, I would imagine the entire bowl to be quite good.

Service is okay with no local workers in sight so communication might suffer breakdowns here and there. I can only hope that the people in the kitchen are locals *crosses fingers*

Their website can be found here: http://lst.com.my/

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